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Asia Wok Chinese Food and Mongolian Grill

Asia Wok Chinese Food
& Mongolian Grill

Whether you are a veteran of eclectic flavors or looking to expand your taste profile, Asia Wok offers you endless variety, personal choice, and precise control.

There are 3 ways to enjoy Asia Wok...
  1. Choose from a large variety of appetizers, soups, and entrées off our extensive menu. Choose dine-in or take-out, or call ahead for pick-up.

  2. Create your own delicious, healthy entrée from fresh vegetables, meats, and sauces — then watch as the master chef sears in the flavors on the Mongolian Grill. No preservatives, food additives, or MSG are used, and only a light spray of unsaturated vegetable oil is used during cooking to enhance the flavor. The high-heat, high-speed cooking method retains the nutrients and vitamins contained in all the fresh natural ingredients.

  3. Combine one, two, or three of our prepared Chinese dishes along with fried rice or noodles for a quick and delicious meal anytime. Dine in or take out.

Hours: 10:30 am - 9:30 pm
Phone: (619)266-8881
Fax: (619)266-8882

Asia Wok
342 Euclid Avenue Ste 405
San Diego, CA 92114

History of the Mongolian Grill:
Legend has it that after a long day of hunting, Genghis Khan and his Mongolian warriors would make camp and prepare extravagant feasts. Using their swords, the warriors would prepare slivers of meats, combined with whatever vegetables and spices they had on hand. They piled their food high upon their war shields, and grilled them over a hot, blazing fire. This type of cooking has become known all over the world as Mongolian Barbecue.

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